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Molecular Pathology


lc molecular21(1)

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   - Cost effective
   - Highly specific
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     the test results

bcrabl molecular1(1)

Competitive PCR to determine bcr/abl levels in a patient with CML

cf molecular2(1)
lc molecular21(2)
Real Time PCR

Mayhew_Fr1 31(1)
Mayhew_Fr3 molecular3(1)
Analysis of B cell gene rearrangement showing clonality

prot molecular4(1)
Analysis of factor II for the 20210A mutation

seq molecular5(1)
DNA Sequence Analysis

sequ molecular6(1)
DNA sequencing reveals a P53 mutation

Treece_TCR molecular7(1)
T Cell Receptor & Analysis


John W. Longshore, Ph.D., F.A.C.M.G.

   Dr. Longshore received his undergraduate training at Georgia Tech
   and his doctoral degree in medical genetics from the University of
   Alabama at Birmingham. His fellowship at Greenwood Genetic 
   Center in South Carolina included research on the fragile X and 
   FRAXE syndromes. Dr. Longshore serves as the Director of 
   Molecular Pathology for Carolinas Laboratory Network. He is a 
   Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Genetics in Clinical 
   Molecular Genetics.