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When will our office receive diagnostic results?
For routine and biopsy specimens, you may expect a result within 24 hours of receipt in our laboratory. If further studies are required, the turnaround time may be longer. More complex cases require additional time. Consultation cases average three days unless further testing is required.

What is the turnaround time for the Breast Cancer Panel (HER2/neu, ER/PR)?
You should have a final report within three days from the time the panel is ordered.

When will we get our reports, and how will we receive them?
Reports for routine specimens are usually available within 24 hours of receipt. Fax is the most efficient and rapid method of report delivery. Faxed reports arrive at your office shortly after the case is completed by the pathologist.

Why do my patients get a bill from Celligent Diagnostics?
You have referred your patient’s specimen to Celligent Diagnostics for processing. Upon arrival in our laboratory, the tissue samples undergo multiple processing steps before being embedded in wax, sectioned and placed on glass slides by our professional laboratory staff. Each slide is carefully examined by one of our board-certified pathologists and a diagnosis is rendered. A report is dictated, transcribed and sent to you. Your patient or patient’s insurance is billed globally for our services.

What if our office needs a result quickly?
Cases may be designated as rush by writing RUSH on the requisitions and calling the laboratory directly. Rush cases are read first and results are called/faxed to your office as soon as the case is completed.

How does Celligent Diagnostics use my patient's Protected Health Information?
For a complete copy of our HIPAA Privacy Statement for Celligent Diagnostics click here. The notice described how medical information about your patient may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. If you have questions or requests, please contact us.