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Procedure for requesting a specimen pick-up

Your office may contact Celligent Diagnostics when you have a specimen requiring  pick-up, or if your courier has completed the regular visit to your site. Please complete the following steps: 

1.     Prepare the specimen by adhering the bar-coded container label to the specimen container.  Place the completed requisition and specimen in a transport bag for pick up 

2.     If the specimen is a “rush” please write RUSH at the top of the requisition and contact us to notify the laboratory that you are sending a STAT case.  These cases are read first and results are called directly to your office immediately upon sign-out by the pathologist. 

3.     Contact us to notify us that your office has a pick-up. We will need the following data to complete our call-in documentation:

a.     Name of your practice

b.    Address or location

c.     Person requesting the pick-up

d.    Hours you will be open for a courier to visit 

4.     A courier will visit your office for the specimen before the end of the day unless you are otherwise notified. 

5.     The specimen will usually be processed on the day it is picked up and generally reported on the following day. For rush specimens you will be called as soon as possible.